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FIVE-DAY NOTICE TO QUIT FOR VIOLATION OF RENTAL AGREEMENT FROM TO Tenant s Name s Landlord s Name Address City State Date of Service Zip Code Manner of Service Personal Substituted/Mailing Posting/Mailing PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that you have violated your rental agreement in the following manner You must either vacate the rental premises or correct all of the above-referenced violations no later than five 5 judicial 1 days after service of this notice. If you do not comply with this notice you...
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(e.g., by submitting a return receipt notice, or by mail or fax; it shall be a good faith effort for you to remedy the violations) and return any security deposit that you owe. If you fail to correct the violation by such time or after receipt of the notice, Tenant(s), Landlord is entitled to terminate your tenancy. All remedies provided herein are in addition to any and all other remedies and remedies that are otherwise available to Tenant(s). It is further our understanding that if Tenant(s) fail to rectify the violation within five (5) days after the service of this notice, no refund or replacement of any portion of the security deposit will be granted, except as provided herein. Any failure to remove the premises vacated pursuant to the notice within the time stated above or otherwise cause Tenant(s), Landlord to vacate the premises in violation of the notice is cause for termination of this lease, in accordance with Section 7 (A) (2-A) of the lease. Failure by Tenant(s) to cooperate with the landlord may also be grounds for termination of the lease agreement. If Tenant(s), Landlord notifies Tenant(s), Landlord in writing not less than thirty (30) days after the violation, of the intent of Tenant(s) to remedy the violation, and the landlord does not remedy the violation within five (5) days after it was written (e.g., if Tenant(s) vacates the premises, and Tenant(s) gives the landlord notice of the removal of the premises by the tenant on a timely basis). Any and all remedies shall be in addition to any other remedies. Such notice shall be given in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 2.05 of the Lease Agreement and shall not contain any term or condition that requires the tenant to vacate the premises prior to the termination of the lease or rent increases, either by rent increase notice of 10% per annum or otherwise, or that requires the tenant to return any security deposit. Such notice shall be provided by certified mail, return receipt requested, or fax, which shall indicate that it was received by Tenant(s) at least fifteen and at least thirty (30) calendar days, excluding weekends or legal holidays. If Tenant(s) does not respond to Tenant(s) giving the notice, Tenant(s), Landlord is entitled to terminate the lease on that basis. Failure by Tenant(

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Instructions and Help about 5 day notice las vegas nevada form
Hello and welcome to out the door evictions the leader in Las Vegas eviction services as you can see on the video this is an example of a five-day notice to pay or quit this is typically used in most cases for the eviction process in Nevada when a tenant fails to pay rent on time in this video we'll discuss the five-day period notice when a tenant fails to pay rent on time a landlord has the right to begin the eviction process this is where the five-day payer quit is used the day after payment is late whether it's a due date or grace period the five-day notice can be certified and served here's a quick example payment due Monday the first no payment received by the first or by the grace period five day notice is posted on the second five business days do not include weekends or special government holidays with this example the five-day eviction notice would expire on Tuesday the ninth at this point the landlord should have received the full amount of rent due plus any daily interest according to the lease agreement or the tenant should have vacated if tenant hasn't paid and hasn't moved out the door eviction will help landlords with proceeding on to the next step in a Las Vegas eviction process we will discuss the next step on our Las Vegas eviction services in our upcoming video on unlawful detainees until then you can read more about the eviction process in Nevada on our eviction clock, or you can contact us to help get rid of your deadbeat tenants we want to thank you for watching and listening to this quick video on the 5-day pay or quit notice in choosing Baltimore evictions as your number one choice for eviction services in Las Vegas Nevada remember we are not attorneys, and we are not a legal service we simply help landlords with the eviction process in Nevada for legal help contact an attorney thank you


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